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Gered Mankowitz
2008 - 2010 


Photographer Gered Mankowitz has taken pictures of the international rock music scene for over 40 years and is famous for his portraits of musicians such as Jimmy Hendrix, The Beatles,The Rolling Stones, Slade and countless others. 

CTD designed Gered’s website to showcase his extensive body of work. The site also incorporates the facility to purchase selected images online, including his unique lenticular prints as well as a blog which allows Gered to keep his fans updated whilst on the move. This is a bespoke Flash site allowing photos to be viewed full screen and is accessible via a custom content management system.

Jimmy Hendrix by Gered MankowitzGered Mankowitz exhibition screen 2Gered Mankowitz exhibition 1 screenGered Mankowitz Beatles screenGered Mankowitz Annie Lennox screenGered Mankowitz Theatre screen

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