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Ethical Policy

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Why an ethical policy 

It’s all a matter of awareness and consciousness. If you believe that we are all collectively responsible for the world in which we live and take part – and we do – we have got to take responsibility for our individual actions. Consequently, every one of us has a moral duty to act conscientiously and responsibly.

Thinking about others 
Our activities have a direct impact upon the well being of those all around us: our employees, customers, suppliers and the wider community. Our activities also impact on communities nationally and globally through our consumption and use of raw materials.

Social responsibilities

We recognise there are benefits too. Customers are progressively demanding ethical business partners, services and products. Ethical trading has become a source of market differentiation. Positive publicity increases orders. Common ethical standards create better working relations with our clients and suppliers and last, but not least, it makes us all feel better actually doing something positive about the state the world is in rather than sticking our heads in the sand and just hoping for the best.

Our commitment 
• To purchase goods and services which are produced and delivered under conditions that do not involve the exploitation of people.
• To purchase goods and services which have the least negative impact on our environment. 
• To treat our employees and customers openly and fairly. 
• To promote good environmental standards within our own supply chain.
• To demand acceptable labour standards from our suppliers.
• To support eco-friendly and fair trade suppliers. 
• To use local suppliers as much as possible. 
• To give preference to suppliers who share our commitment to ethical trading.
• To work with suppliers with their own ethical purchasing polices.
• To communicate our policies to our suppliers. 
• To support local initiatives, projects and initiatives.
• To support local initiatives to protect our environment.
• To meet our statutory obligations on employment, health and safety and the